Viper Range

No other boxing brand would be so bold as to design a glove with six layers of protection. Viper X was remade 28 times before we released it to market. Think about that for a minute. 27 times prior, the glove failed to meet our expectations. That’s our commitment to you.


Great grip on all surfaces, especially canvas, is provided by the unique outsole pattern. The shoe also allows the right amount of torsional rigidity provided by the visible solid rubber arch support. The sole wraps into the key areas around the heel and front of the shoe to enhance durability.


Designed to enhance natural movement needed to compete at the highest level in the ring. The lightweight reinforced upper is constructed from lightweight synthetic mesh for breathability with medial and lateral welded thermoplastic overlays to provide the ultimate in support.

Viper Tech

Our greatest asset is that when you purchase a Sting product you can trust that every step from design to finished product happened in one factory; The Sting factory. Having every process under one roof allows our R & D department to continually stretch the limits of design to deliver safety, performance and comfort across our entire range. Each stage of the manufacturing process represents a team of people in relationship with each other where expertise and care compounds in a unique level of quality only Sting provides. Our promise is as much about the quality of the equipment we produce as it is the process by which we commit to for every product we make.


Your hands are not designed to absorb the impact of a punch. Our unique cavity design promotes an anatomical hand position that is capable of absorbing your best punch while keeping your fist relaxed enough so that energy is dispersed all the way to your forearm.


You will never forget the first time you put your hand into a Sting boxing glove, and there’s good reason for that. We perfected a patented lining system that hugs and supports your hand while at the same time promoting effective airflow to drastically reduce the opportunity for bacteria to bind to the glove. We use high-end fabrics and lycra to give your hand a sensory response everytime you put your gloves on. Like that favourite pair of shoes you get a kick out of everytime you put them on, we have done the same for your hands.


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