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We push our limits so that you can push yours.
Viper ensures you get the most out of your session and fight preparation.

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Match your hand wraps and accessories with your boxing gloves.

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Viper X Sparring Glove - Velcro
IT TAKES THE MIND OF A PIONEER TO DESIGN A MOULD LIKE VIPER Sparring is a critical piece in fight preparation. Viper ensures you get the most out of your session without the consequences• Full grain natural leather hide outer...
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Armaplus Boxing Glove
YOUR RED CARPET GLOVE The last thing your opponent will think before he feels your fist in his face is, "Wow that's a good looking glove" FEATURES • NEW Anatomically designed square shouldered mould for perfect fit and feel  •...
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Predator Training Glove - Velcro
ELITE IN THE RING OR ELITE IN MIND. PREDATOR IS YOUR MATCH The first time your senses experience Predator will be like when you were a child on Christmas morning and you're handed that one present above all others you've...
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Aiba Competition Boxing Glove
LET YOUR BOXING DO THE TALKING Don't let inferior equipment stop you from getting deep in a tournament. Our approved equipment ensures results are settled on skill, not chance. Officially approved and endorsed by AIBA and USA Boxing FEATURES •...
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