Q: I've received a notification that my order was delivered but I have not received it?

A: Before contacting Customer Service;

1. Check your order confirmation to make sure the shipping address provided was correct.

2. Check your tracking history using the tracking number provided and the carrier website i.e. USPS, FedEx or DHL.

- If your tracking history states that it has been delivered to a parcel locker, please check your mailbox.

- If it says it was delivered to your front door or porch; please check your front porch and surrounding areas.

- If your tracking history states that your order is with an agent for final delivery, please wait 24 hours for your order to be delivered.

- If your tracking says that it has been returned to sender - please contact customerserviceusa@stingsports.com or (678) 369-3791. Please have your order number starting with US##### ready. This can be found on your order confirmation and we can organize for your order to be reshipped. Please note that there may be a reshipping fee.

    3. Check with other members of your household and neighbors to see if they have collected it for you on your behalf.

    4. Check any exterior security footage if available during the time of delivery.

    5. Check with your local postal delivery person

      6. If you still cannot locate your order or it still has not been delivered please contact customerserviceusa@stingsports.com or (678) 364-2021. Please have your order number starting with US##### ready. This can be found on your order confirmation.


      - If your order is deemed lost, stolen or missing we will file a claim with the carrier on your behalf. Please note that USPS requires a 15 day delay period from the date of delivery before claims can be submitted.

      - If claims are approved we will provide you with a credit towards a purchase valid for 30 days for the cost of the items within the order up to a maximum of $100.00.

      - If claims are denied please note that Sting is not responsible for lost or stolen packages. It is up to the customer to provide accurate shipping details and a secure location for orders to be delivered to.

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