Viper Range

Introducing the electrifying Viper range, where we break through boundaries with unwavering conviction. In a world where no other boxing brand even dares to tread, we've engineered a glove fortified by an unassailable six-layer defense. The Viper X glove, an unyielding force, underwent a jaw-dropping 28 transformations before it emerged victorious in the market. Think about that for a moment – 27 times, it faltered, but our commitment to excellence never wavered. This is our relentless promise to you.


Conquer every terrain with the Viper shoe, a true master of grip. Its unique outsole pattern delivers a grip that's second to none, especially on the unforgiving canvas. Feel the raw power of the solid rubber arch support, offering just the right twist of rigidity. The sole extends strategically, fortifying the key zones around the heel and the forefront of the shoe, ensuring unwavering durability.


Engineered for champions, the Viper shoe unleashes the fluidity needed for peak performance in the ring. This lightweight yet unbreakable shoe features synthetic mesh for breathability, reinforced with thermoplastic overlays on both sides, creating a fortress of support.

Viper Tech

Our ultimate power lies in having every step, from inception to creation, unfold within a single crucible: the STING factory. This all-encompassing approach empowers our Research and Development department to relentlessly push the boundaries of design, yielding an unparalleled blend of safety, performance, and comfort across our entire range. Each stage of our meticulous manufacturing process symbolises a harmonious collaboration, where expertise and dedication converge to forge a standard of quality that stands in a league of its own. Our promise transcends the equipment itself; it's a testament to the rigorous process that defines every product we forge.


Your hands were never designed to bear the brunt of a punch. Our groundbreaking cavity design champions an anatomically precise hand position capable of absorbing the most ferocious blows while maintaining a poised, unfazed fist. The result? Energy efficiently dispersed all the way to your forearm, your sanctuary of resilience.


The moment your hand graces a STING boxing glove, an lasting memory is etched into your soul, and there's a compelling reason for it. We've perfected a patented lining system, an embrace that cradles and elevates your hand, all while facilitating robust airflow, drastically reducing the lurking threat of bacteria. Crafted from top-tier fabrics and lycra, every time you slide your hand into our gloves, it's an electrifying sensory experience, similar to the exhilaration of slipping into your treasured pair of shoes. We've extended that same euphoria to your hands.


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