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10 Inch Leather Floor To Ceiling Ball
Experience Sting’s superior floor-to-ceiling strike ball. Your search for the ultimate floor-to-ceiling strike ball has finally come to an end.  Sting’s 10 Inch Pro Leather Floor to Ceiling Ball boasts a select A-grade leather outer layer for superior elasticity and longevity. The...
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10-Inch Pro Leather Speedball
Sting’s 10-Inch Pro Leather Speedball Kit includes our signature 10-Inch Pro Leather Speedball as well as a professional speedball swivel mount with 10mm pre-drilled mounting holes. Simply put, with this speedball kit, you’ll have everything you need to get the ball rolling...
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Replacement Floor To Ceiling Ball Straps
• Replacement straps, elasticised cord and cable locks
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Replacement 10 Inch Bladder
Latex Construction Used in Speedballs and Floor to Ceiling Balls Available for 10 inch and 16 inch ball sizes
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